A photogenic dream of chase & discovery

The Masquerade Party

CNS Summit 2022

In which we are transported
to a fabulous masquerade ball at
the historic Boca Raton resort.

And meet its legendary creator,
the architect Addison Mizner.

Each of us, a rare element,
waiting to be found.

Our play tonight?


The sun. The moon. The earth
and sea. Exotic jungle green.

We raw elements — when
combined – astounding to behold!

Master Mizner composes
these fellowships to reveal our
most sublime expressions.

Shall we look upon
the masterpiece of the story
we told together?

We come to back here
again and again to discover
and create anew.

Perhaps the game we play
tonight is not so different?

The master works as quickly
as he can, but the night is always
too short to meet everyone.
Please do step lively.

Though, from time
to time, circumstances may tear us all asunder…

We watch these
fellowships thrive.

Thank you friends — once strangers —
for this magic masquerade. And the tale
of a beachside oasis – a tale we told together.

Brent Bishop is Addison Mizner.

Portraiture by Jeff Pinette with additional
photography by Phil Hover, David Ivy & Asa Mathat.
Thanks to Four Moon Productions for AV show support.

And our tremendous gratitude to Dr. Amir Kalali, Dawn Brockett
and the remarkable CNS Summit team for inviting us
to play with your inspiring community of leaders.
“Mizner’s Masqué”
The interactive masquerade experience for 500 guests
featuring premium “magic portrait” takeaways
created by Live Action Attractions.